About Dragons...

What is it about dragons?
There is much rich symbolism associated with dragons on an archetypal and cultural level. In the realm of mythology I am very fond of Joseph Campbell's interpretation of dragons as representing the "Unity of Heaven and Earth" through a combination of the earthbound serpent and winged sky-roaming creatures such as bats and birds -- a mixing of the spiritual with the mundane. In the past, culturally and spiritually, dragons have also been associated with both benevolent (in the East) and malevolent (in the West) power and primal forces. More recently dragons have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in literature and mainstream movies in their benevolent aspect. From the widespread appeal of The Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey to the more recent Aragon books (and movie) plus feature films such as The Neverending Story, Dragonheart, Shrek & How to Train Your Dragon; it seems that dragons have wormed (pun intended) their way into hearts and imaginations of many. What young fan of fantasy and magic didn't want their very own Luck Dragon?
It is this endearing quality of dragons on a personal level that inspires me to sculpt my dragon creations. Many of those who find that my dragons delight and amaze them reveal that these little figures bring to mind childhood memories of an invisible and/or magical dragon or creature whom only they could see or talk to -- a treasured companion who shared their joys and kept their secrets. It pleases me to think that my creations invoke or preserve that spark of childhood wonderment when every day was an adventure and anything was possible. It is disheartening when we are no longer able to view the world from the stance of child-like wonder and appreciation.

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